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Creative, Video &
no forkin waffle.

*Well, except this one 👆🏾👉🏾

We’re deep-thinking, creative innovators. This creative space is stuffed full of conceptual, out of the box, blue-sky thought leaders, here to disrupt the creative agency and video production industry.

We do not follow the crowd …we lead it – we’re different, we’re trending, we’re going #viral. Tuck in and fluff up your pillows, we’re going to take your brand on an immersive out-of-this-world journey.

Get ahead of the curve with actionable insight via our omnichannel, 360 end-to-end scalable approach. Want to engage? Of course you do, touch base and we’ll circle back.

Who the fork?!

We’re experts in TV & video production and we build awesome creative concepts. We offer everything you need to create a kick-ass creative campaign.

Fork The Waffle was created to cut the crap out of the over-complicated creative world. We’re fed up with the fluff, bored of the buzzwords and won’t be wasting any of your time with waffle.

We can guarantee from us you won’t get that carbon copy and paste response, or the same old ideas that have been pitched to every client under the sun.

You’ll get straight-talking, engaging creative ideas without the flurry of fluff that usually follows them.

Choosing a place for a team breakfast is always a forkin’ debate😂

Luckily, we settled for @dejavubarandtapas who served our unique taste buds🙌

Save to say, we all gave this one a thumbs up👍

Where should we go for our next one? (based in Chesterfield) 📍

#breakfast #chesterfield #team #agencylife #work
Explore the magic behind the scenes with @fantasyislandingoldmells 🎢 

Who’s hungry to see the final advert?

#behindthescenes #themepark #videoproduction #agencylife #creativeproducers
Stuck in the view jail?

You’re not alone😂

Many TikTok users have suffered the fate of the 200 view jail on content they’ve spent hours on.

Sadly there’s no quick fix to the dilemma. But there are some tips to follow to TRY to avoid this from happening🫶

😺TikTok can pick up copycats

➡️ Ensure you don’t directly copy your inspiration. Adapt the video to suit your brand.

💡Be consistent

➡️Stick to a posting schedule. Whether it’s posting once or twice a week, make sure you don’t skip.

🎣Hook people within the initial 3-6 seconds

TikTok users are quickly scrolling - you need to stop them in their tracks. Start by calling out your target audience or highlighting the solution you're about to solve.

P.S. TikTok has not officially flagged this “issue” as this is clearly apart of their algorithm of feeding at least 200 people your content to see how it performs.

#tiktok #socialmedia #socialmediamarketing #memes #marketing
I’m a Creative Director, of course I’m very important 💁🏻‍♀️

#creativedirector #officelife #work #9to5 #officehumour #workvibes #office
Embrace every experience, engage with different perspectives, and keep trying new ideas💡

You never know what you'll fork out🍴

Creativity is like a muscle; the more you exercise it, the stronger it becomes💪 

#creativity #mayaangelou #quotes  #inspiration #marketing
This is the way your audience will look at your content when you stir Tom into your strategy😊

He’s got a fork load of experience. 20+ years to be exact👀

As our marketing strategist, he's the best choice on the marketing menu if ROI is what you fancy. 

So, don’t hesitate to get his recommendation 💡

#marketing #content #strategy #creativeagency #meettheteam
When your manager asks, you answer 🕺

#work #manager #reels #comedy #funny #9to5 #agencylife

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